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In the dynamic realm of electric bikes, the X-Series stands as a beacon of innovation, power, and unmatched riding experiences. Let's delve into the exceptional features that elevate each model - X20, X24, and X26 - making them the preferred choice for riders who seek more than just a commute.

Supreme Comfort with Triple Suspension

X20: Super Smooth Rides Experience Engineered with a triple suspension system, the X20 ensures a remarkably smooth ride, reducing bumps and enhancing overall comfort.

X24: Rough Trails, Smooth Rides Experience comfort on any terrain with the X24's Triple Suspension – your ticket to a smooth ride even on rugged trails.

X26: Triple Shock Absorption for a Smoother Ride Our triple shock absorption system minimizes jolts and jitters on challenging rides, guaranteeing comfort regardless of the terrain. It's a smooth sailing experience with every pedal.

Raw Power and Acceleration

X20: Unleash Raw Power Equipped with a 1000W peak hub motor, the X20 offers a surge of power, conquering any trail with ease.

X24: Power Meets Acceleration Experience unmatched acceleration as the powerful motor propels your journey forward with the X24.

X26: Unleash The Power, Feel The Rush Ready for any challenge, the X26's 1200W peak hub motor empowers you to conquer slopes effortlessly.

Extended Adventures with Dual Batteries

X20: Extended Rides, Unlimited Joy Double your journey with 22.2Ah batteries, unlocking the potential for extended adventures.

X24: Unfold Adventure, Fold for Space Embrace the Freedom of Foldable Design for enhanced portability and convenience without compromising on adventure.

X26: Climb Higher, Effortlessly Ascend 30° inclines effortlessly with the X26's formidable strength, turning obstacles into opportunities for adventure.

Stay Connected on the Go

X20: Stay Charged on the Go The convenient USB charging port ensures your devices stay powered, keeping you connected throughout your journey.

X24: Conquer More Terrain, Go the Distance Push boundaries with dual batteries, conquering uncharted territories and covering more ground.

X26: Boundless Freedom: Dual Battery Extended Range Our dual battery system merges a 19.2Ah powerhouse with a 10Ah auxiliary, offering an impressive range of up to 63 miles in full electric mode and an expansive 93 miles with PAS mode.

Space-Saving Convenience

X20: Space-Saving Convenience With its foldable design, the X20 saves space, making it the perfect companion for urban living and convenient storage.

X24: E-Bikes with a Charge Energize your ride and power up your devices, combining the thrill of biking with the practicality of staying charged.

X26: Stay Charged on the Go with USB Charging Never let your devices drain while exploring. With our convenient USB charging design, keep your smartphone powered up, capturing every moment without worry.

In the X-Series, each model isn't just an ebike; it's a statement, a commitment to quality, power, and an unparalleled riding experience. Elevate your journey with the X-Series – where innovation meets adventure.