Unveiling the ENGWE X-Series: A New Era in Electric Biking

At met riders, we're thrilled to showcase the ENGWE X-Series e-bikes – the X26, X24, and X20. These models are set to transform your everyday commutes and weekend escapes into exhilarating adventures. Named for their tire sizes, these e-bikes offer a tailored experience that caters to your unique preferences and requirements. The X24, in particular, has captured the spotlight for its exceptional value.

Discover the ENGWE X24's Distinguished Features:

  • Impressive Range: With a robust 19.2Ah+10Ah dual battery setup, the X24 e-bike offers a remarkable electric mode range of up to 54 miles (87 km) at level 5 and an impressive 149 miles (240 km) in PAS mode at level 1, eliminating concerns about battery life on longer trips.

  • Powerful Motor: Equipped with a potent 1200W peak brushless gear motor, the X24 ensures top-tier performance for tackling urban inclines and suburban landscapes with ease.

  • Superior Comfort: Our triple suspension system, including front hydraulic shock, middle mechanical shock, and rear air shock, provides unparalleled comfort, delivering shock absorption three times more effective than standard e-bikes.

  • All-Terrain Fat Tires: The X24's 24.0x4.0-inch fat tires enhance stability and resilience against compression, making it an ideal companion for diverse terrains.

  • Reliable Braking: Safety isn't an afterthought; the X24 is fitted with hydraulic disc brakes for precise and dependable braking, even in challenging weather conditions.

Join us in celebrating this innovation and the freedom it brings! Visit the official met riders website today to explore the captivating X-Series. Embark on an electrifying journey and uncover a fresh way to experience your surroundings. Get ready to ride into a future filled with unparalleled adventures with the ENGWE X-Series e-bikes.